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Elizabeth Creations ~ Handmade artisan lampwork beads


My name is Elizabeth Grenon. I'm a bead maker from Quebec, Canada.

I'm making beads since 2002. Glass has always been a passion of mine. First time I visited a bead store near my house, it changed my life. I instantly became hooked to beads.

I made some jewelry and I sold them on EBay and in some stores in town. It didn’t take long for me to discover lampworked beads! As soon as I knew that I could create these beads at home, I had to learn how to do it! So, I bought MAKING GLASS BEADS from Cindy Jenkins. I worked on a ''hot-head'' for about 2 years. I decided to bought a minor bench burner. After that, last year, I bought myself the Corina's PASSING THE FLAME (in fact, my mom gave it to me as my Christmas gift). This is the best book I ever had!!! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to start beadmaking!

I am a self-taught bead maker. I have found that learning about lampworking on my own to be very satisfying and definitely the best for me. I got my own way to work and I'm having trouble watching someone making beads and try to do the same. Hope you'll have a passion for my beads as much as I had doing them.